After the monsoon …

… unfortunately, a terrace behind the training hall in Ghunsa slipped down once again. The cooperative became active and was financially supported by the regional government.

The floor has also been laid, the furniture has been put up and so the training hall can now be used for many different purposes.

Many thanks to the province of Vorarlberg, which is providing substantial support for the construction and operation of the model farm in Ghunsa. Together with Chay-ya Nepal and Chay-ya Austria we can move a lot here.


Hinter der Trainingshalle ist der Hang abgerutscht.
Behind the training hall, the slope has slid.

Jetzt sind schon die Möbel wieder aufgestellt.
Now the furniture has already been put back in place.
Eine Mauer wurde aufgebaut.
A wall was built up.
Der Boden wurde …
The floor was …
…mit den dafür bereitgestellten Fließen..
…with the tiles provided for this purpose….
..neu gelegt.
..newly laid.