Bordeaux on the apple farm …

… is not wine, of course. In order to protect the trees from the moisture in the monsoon, which could lead to fungal infestation, they are treated with a Bordeaux coating. This consists of minerals, was recommended by our permaculture expert Hasera and is also approved in our organic cultivation.

Now the trees are already blossoming and we hope for a good harvest for the children.

Many thanks to Fair Styria, which is a major supporter of this project.


.. wichtig ist das Wissen auf der Farm zu halten, so arbeiten alle – hier auch die Männer – mit.
… it is important to keep the knowledge on the farm, so everyone – here also the men – are working with us.

.. die Bäume beginnen schon zu blühen.
… the trees are already starting to blossom.
.. dieser wurde von unserem Agrarexperten angemischt.
… this was mixed by our agricultural expert.
.. konzentriert wird der Anstrich angebracht.
… concentrated, the paint is applied