Also in Meranding …

… the women are very interested in organic vegetable cultivation after the joint sewing project. The village lies on the route between Chyangsar and Ghunsa, so the women have been following the initiative for a long time and have already taken part in one or the other information event.

For us, the active participation of the women is a basic requirement for any project. In a first assessment, expectations, areas and possibilities have already been sighted and a project application has been submitted to @Fair Styria. Now we have to keep our fingers crossed.


.. unsere Erfahrungen mit den Fauen aus dem Maskenprojekt sind sehr gut
.. our experience with the women from the mask project is very good
.. die Frauen kommen sehr motiviert zu den Besprechungen
.. the women come to the meetings very motivated
.. die Aufmerksamkeit bei den Treffen ist hoch
.. the attention at the meetings is high
.. in der Nähwerkstatt erklärt unser Experte von Hasera, was Inhalt wäre
.. in the sewing workshop our expert from Hasera explains what the content would be