An organic map …

… with all the women participating in the certification programme was created together. This also allows the personal visits to be well prepared and documented.

The women proudly show what they have already implemented and our agricultural expert discusses the next steps.

Many thanks to Fair Styria, who embarked on this new path together with us and supported it financially in the long term.



.. im Farmhaus wird die Karte angefertigt.
.. the map is made in the farmhouse.
.. unser Agrarexperte besucht die Familien des Zertifizierungsprogramms.
.. our agricultural expert visits the families of the certification programme.
.. mit Corona Abstand werden die nächsten Schritte besprochen.
.. the next steps are discussed with Corona Abstand.
.. im Gewächshaus werden die Pflanzen vorgezogen
.. The plants are grown in the greenhouse.