With their combined efforts …


… the families in Ghunsa made and installed the mats for the ceiling of the training hall themselves.

The active contribution of the families is an important element of the joint work. We are very happy when this works well and everyone is motivated to move forward together.

Many thanks to the Sagarmatha Milijuli Sana Kishan Women Cooperative LTD  – we are proud of you.

.. die Matten wurden zu Hause gefertigt.
… the mats were made at home.

.. Viele brachten ihre Matten zur Trainingshalle
.. Many brought their mats to the training hall
.. Die Matten wurden montiert
.. The mats were assembled
.. auch die Männer helfen unter strenger Aufsicht der Frauen mit 🙂
… the men also help under the strict supervision of the women 🙂