Safe and beautiful …

… is the wall behind the training hall in Ghunsa. It protects the upper field from slipping. The stairway has also been made monsoon-proof with stones. There is now electricity in the training hall and the women can enjoy the training with light and sometimes media support.

Many thanks to Land Vorarlberg for the significant financial support of this project. Together with Chay ya Nepal and Chay ya Austria, a lot could be achieved here.

.. Die Mauer schützt die Trainingshalle.
.. The wall protects the training hall.
..über die Steinstiege zum Gewächshaus
. .via the stone staircase to the greenhouse
.. Strom und damit Licht in der Trainingshalle
.. Electricity and thus light in the training hall

.. Freude am Training
.. Freude am Training