Hopeful plans …

… the women from Meranding are making plans with our partner Racedi Pathak. They also want to learn more about organic vegetable cultivation and increase the diversity of their food with greenhouses.
We are still hoping for financial support through grants. In any case, we will make sure that they can be trained together with the women in the other villages and are prepared to implement some things already this season.

Many thanks to all who support us.


.. gemeinsam werden die Daten der Frauen aufgenommen – Flächen, Familiensituation…
… the women’s data are recorded together – areas, family situation…
.. mit den Experten werden die Möglichkeiten diskutiert
… the possibilities are discussed with the experts
.. die Felder warten schon auf die neue Gemüsevielfalt
… the fields are already waiting for the new variety of vegetables
.. teilweise gibt es große, nicht zu steile Felder
.. Some of the fields are large and not too steep.