Carola Gosch visits Raksha Nepal


At the site of our local partner organization Raksha Nepal in Kathmandu, Roots for Life intermediator Carola Gosch gets a picture of how far the renovating activities at have proceeded. Those children who are taken care of by Raksha Nepal have been living in a new house, formerly used as a hotel, since May 2016. Refurbishing and reconstructing won’t be finished until May 2017. With her Carola Gosh brought some urgently needed items for the house and food. Such as a water dispenser which is necessary to supply warm water during winter time. Thus, the children will at least be able to receive warmth from within, as the building won’t be heated. Carola Gosch accompanies the children during their morning rituals and to school. She enjoys religious celebrations and draws mandalas with them. No question that the children have come to like their guest very much.

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