A great success …

… was the conversion of the stable in Chyangsar into a sewing workshop and a small “farm shop”. After the animal husbandry on the model farm did not prove successful, a new use was found.

The idea came from the women themselves, which for us means strengthening local capacity. Trying things out, looking at them honestly and then being allowed to change them again is a learning process that brings long-term success.

Now the women can sew directly on the farm and in the future exhibit and sell their products here.

Many thanks to Fair Styria for supporting this project so sustainably.


.. auch die Ausstattung lokal hergestellt
… also the equipment was made locally
.. wie immer bauen mit dem Menschen vor Ort und lokalen Materialien
… as always building with local people and local materials
.. die Nähmaschinen vom angemieteten Platz auf die Farm gebracht
… the sewing machines are brought from the rented space to the farm

.. der Bestand wird gut genutzt
… the stock is well used