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Dear visitors! Our website will get a new design in 2021! Here you can already take a look at the new website and learn about our current projects.

Roots for Life on Radio Wien

Radio Wien has changed "Carola" to "Cornelia" at short notice - we still hope that donations will come in with this contribution. In any case, we would like to thank Radio Wien.
Of course you can also donate directly via our website!

Who we are

Roots for Life is a humanitarian, non-profit organization, which stands up for women and children in Nepal on three levels.

Action: Roots for Life provides local help with local partners in emergency situations.

Empowerment: The organization strengthens the social position of girls and women through schooling and education and provision of infrastructure in order to enable them to lead a self-determined, independent life. All activities take place within the framework of sustainable village development, involving families as a whole.

Advocacy: In addition, Roots for Life works in Nepal for the interests of women and children to fight against sexual exploitation, abduction, trafficking, violence and oppression.