Chay Ya


Sabine Klotz founded the non-profit organization Chay Ya in 2007. Together with volunteers she started annual mobile health camps including hygiene training. Physicians and nurses treated more than 800 patients. In order to reach the latter, the team put down three to four-week walks up to 4000 meters. In parallel, Chay Ya supported the schools with teaching material and teachers. The children also received warm hats, coats, and shoes.

As a permanent solution, Chay Ya planned a health post. It had to be located in the upper Tsum Valley and contains the first birthplace throughout the district. Finally safe, hygienic release! The health post was opened in October 2016. The valley inhabitants now benefit from medical care all year round.

While costructing the health post, a heavy earthquake shook the project region of Tsum Valley / Gorkha in April 2015. The site was only 50 kilometers from the epicenter. 70-90% of the houses in the surrounding villages were completely destroyed.
During the following months, Chay Ya provided over 3,000 families in eight districts with life-support supplies. Thanks to the willingness of many big and small donors, Chay Ya succeeded in rebuilding nine village schools (five of which have already been completed, four are currently under construction).
Many new projects are planned, with which Chay Ya wants to help the mountain population out of the poverty trap. These include permaculture training for sustainable nutrition, production of cheese and its sale, beekeeping, but also sewing and literacy courses for women. This gives the population financial independence. In the future, parents will be able to buy books or pens for their schoolchildren or to produce their warm clothes.

Joint Projekt

Thade: Schoolbuilding & Scholarships

The earthquake of 2015 largely destroyed the village of Thade. The school in the village, which is attended by up to 120 children from surrounding villages such as Langtang and Rasuwa, was also largely destroyed. Thade is supported together with the Austrian-Nepalese organisation Chay Ya, which started building the school ...