Local Partners

When we are working with local partners in Nepal, it is particularly important for us to be truely integrated into the projects. In addition to regular reports from our partners to Roots for Life, we push things forward during our visits in Nepal, but also on Skype conferences. It is an exchange of knowledge, experience, background and challenges. This is the only way we can learn from each other and modulate the projects according to the needs of women and children in Nepal. Financial support must also ensure complete transparency and traceability.

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Functional Support

We learn from other organizations and exchange experiences we make in Nepal. Thus, Roots for Life permanently receives valueable input and ideas which we incorporate into our projects. In addition to this, the cooperation with our members and their feeback on ideas and projects, make Roots for Life's work comprehensive and sustainable.

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   Rotes Kreuz   Dreikönigsaktion   Katholische Frauenbewegung

   Welthaus   University Institutions   Members RfL 

Financial Support

Money is an essential resource for Roots for Life to implement our projects and ideas. We are pleased to be supported by private persons, companies, NGOs and public institutions. Some companies cooperate with us in the framework of an entrepreneurial CSR approach and are explicitly listed here. If this is interesting for your company, too, we would be pleased to advise you. Our special thanks goes to the many private donors who support us.

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   CGC    FS   

    KPC    NfH    SIT

    SIWV    SI    TB

  CD    PD

Growing and Working Together

In order to sustainably achieve our visions, we cooperate with selected organizations, companies and private individuals on the content and financial level. In Nepal, we ensure the implementation of our projects by local partners. We use synergies and focus on our strengths and those of our partners. With transparency, traceability and respect for the needs and worries of women and children in Nepal, we create trust and long-term relationships.