Aims & Focus

By our projects we aim to support women, children and young people in Nepal not only financially but also in terms of education, cultural exchange as well as social and political change. Thus we endavour to improve their lives. Our help should enable them to take over the responsibility for their lives and determine their own future. Our projects focus on school and professional training, medical care, the necessary infrastructure and structures, which allow for an own income.Sustainable aid is necessary especially in the remote mountain villages. We therefore focus on local areas where we integrate the entire village community into the projects. Starting points are:

  • Education: Girls are provided with individual scholarships to attend the school up to the SLC (basic education until the age of 14) or to return to school. If there are basic problems with the school in the village, we will provide support as well. (eg with construction work or material).
  • Health care: training on various topics and basic competencies, professional acute assistance where necessary.
  • Subsistence: opportunities for women, in a sustainable environment, For example, to work in organic farming and earn their money independently.