Kar.ma Coffee


Kar.ma Coffee Nepal was born out of passion for coffee and its fascinating journey from crop to cup. The owners believe coffee tastes a thousand times better when you know where your beans come from. They  also think coffee is more than a drink for coffee lovers – it is an essential ingredient in their life that inspires them.
Kar.ma Coffee is for all coffee lovers looking for a special coffee experience from Nepal. The coffee wihich is traded at fair conditions and handcrafted in the Himalayas and the locally produced accessories beautifully compliment your favourite beverage. The Kar.ma Boutique is filled with handmade mangowood furniture and recycled cycle parts, old bus seats, doors and windows. The Kar.ma café has come to be the chosen work and hangout hub for many local professionals, expatriates, artists, musicians and visitors.
When it comes to handcrafted accessories, Kar.ma Coffee’s focus is on collecting and up-cycling coffee wastage produced during pulping, roasting, packaging and brewing. Our new designs combine traditional Nepali artwork with a modern interpretation of handicrafts.

Joint Project

Kathmandu: Training for Female Carpenters

What it is about - Together with our project Partner Kar.ma Coffee in Kathmandu, we train women to become carpenters. They learn to manufacture small furniture or household items made from mango wood. In this way, they are able to generate their own income and thus lead a self-determined life ...