Raksha Nepal


Raksha Nepal is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 by Menuka Thapa. The organization is committed to women and girls who have become victims of sexual exploitation or were forced into prostitution. It is the goal of this organization to support these women and girls and show them that they can create their own future.

Through training possibilities at Raksha Nepal facilities they can learn different professions. During their training or starting a new life, the participating women can accommodate their children for up to 3 years at Raksha Nepal facilities.

After rapes, girls are partly directly sent into the care of Raksha Nepal by the police or their parents. Especially during the first months after being raped, girls and women are taken care of at Raksha Nepal in order to ensure a safe reintegration into their families. These girls also live in the care center of Rakhsa Nepal.

In addition, Raksha Nepal provides legal support for cases of sexual abuse and fights for ​​women's rights. Thus, a holistic approach from legislation to the care of the actual victims is ensured.

Joint Project

(Completed) Women and Child Care Center Kathmandu

What it is about - Together with our project partner Raksha Nepal, we are able to operate a care center for children and women in the capital Kathmandu. Here, women ...