Status Kathmandu

Project completion

In the 5-year cooperation with Raksha Nepal, a lot was achieved for the children. After the earthquake, a new house was found and renovated. The children’s school could be equipped with age-appropriate books through a project with Soroptimist International. Now Raksha Nepal is well prepared for the future and works with other partners. Roots for Life is now turning to other projects. The cooperation between Raksha Nepal and Roots for Life is officially over. Both partners, however, remain each other as advisors and friends.


Roots for Life has accompanied Raksha Nepal for five years and has implemented many projects together. The care center is now well prepared for the future and works with other partners. Nevertheless, RfL will give advice to Menuka Tapa as needed.


The renovation of the house is progressing well, the children have already moved into their new rooms. Cozy beds, small pictures, photos and figures: The personality and individuality of each child appear. Now they can keep their personal belongings neatly in cupboards and boxes, instead of in bags and on messy stacks. Another cause of rejoicing: The My Book Buddy Project has been approved. With books that are appropriate to the children’s age they get motivated to read more. Two big parties followed: Menuka Thapa’s birthday, founder and chairwoman of Raksha Nepal, and the 5th anniversary of the cooperation between Raksha Nepal and Roots for Life. The 5-year celebration was something special for the children: Everybody was invited to the waterpark. Even “Granny” was in the country and joined for a swim.


After lengthy planning and approval processes, the renovation of the rooms for the children has started. A Taekwondo coach and an English teacher have begun to work in the new house. In addition we have applied for a project to provide all classes of the lower secondary school with age-appropriate “leisure books”.