Status Pokhara


Once again, we have received several reports from former residents of the children’s house. Many of them have been able to achieve independence in the long term. They have a job and can maintain themselves. The greenhouses are already in operation again this spring.

Year overview 2019:

The greenhouses were set up and put into operation. This has many advantages for the girls in the orphanage. Not only healthy, inexpensive food can be guaranteed, but also meaningful employment and learning opportunities.

The Youth Motivators are a complete success and contribute significantly to a sustainable project development.

Q2/Q3 2019:

The planned greenhouse was built in Pokhara. There the Styrian beans and other vegetables that Carola Gosch brought in the form of seeds in spring have already landed on the scholarship holders’ plates. Many reports from the work of the “Youth Motivators” have reached us, they are consistently positive. The Opportunity Village deals with the topic of human trafficking in many activities and also looks after women in prison during and after their imprisonment.


In the children’s home, the planned greenhouse for the girls will not only contribute to a better food supply. Working with soil and plants is also good for their mental health. During her Nepal trip Carola Gosch visited the centre and was informed about future plans and programmes. There is now a new employee for the garden, the land is being used better, seeds are being produced. A greenhouse is already in operation.

In the contact point in Pokhara, Youth Motivators were trained, young women who, together with the OVN staff, specifically search for endangered women and girls and inform them about the OVN programme. Talks with the parents of the participants in the mentoring programme are also particularly important, as they make a major contribution to success. Carola Gosch met some girls and the team. It was impressive how hard the girls are working to build a new future for themselves.

Year overview 2018:

Also in 2018 Roots for Life took over the costs for 4 places of the mentoring program. The aim is to give young women the opportunity to pursue an alternative career. In addition, they also get the opportunity to strengthen their personality.

10 scholarship holders were also supported again this year. The program in the center is highly varied and according to high standards. Various therapeutic approaches such as dancing and other sports as well as group sessions make the program effective. In addition, a greenhouse is being planned, the reason already measured, so that the children can be reliably nourished healthy.


The new Opportunity Village report on the last quarter also reports on the varied life in the care facility. Particular emphasis is placed on mental and physical health: Group and individual therapy as well as numerous sports activities are of great importance for the girls. The participants in the mentoring programme have accepted the training cycle well, and we look forward to the first female graduates.


The second group of four women, also funded by Roots for Life, is currently completing the mentoring programme. The ten scholarship holders are making great progress at school.


On site, both initiatives could be discussed with the responsible persons and RfL will again take over 4 places in the mentoring program as well as the 10 girls in the children’s house.

Year overview 2017:

Together with the Austrian “Three Kings” campaign, RfL supports a mentoring program for girls at risk or already active in the entertainment sector. These are selected in assessments and then professionally realigned in a one-year mentoring program. RfL financed four of such places where the girls successfully completed the training. In the house for girls already affected by sexual abuse RfL finances the school education for ten girls.


The education program is going well, the girls learn a lot about their rights and can develop their skills. Social workers at Opportunity Village are always looking for more women who might need their help. We continue to support you in your work.


The girls at the care center Good Shepherd Children’s Home do a lot of training and master their everyday life together


The four women who had been selected for the mentoring program of Opportunity Village Pokhara completed the first training sessions on character empowerment. Each of them found a suitable  apprenticeship position.

At the Opportunity Village Nepal care center, Roots for Life is now funding the school fees and all school related costs for ten more girls. During her visit in Nepal in March / April 2017, Carola Gosch discussed the idea of initiating an organic farm in the area with the staff of the center.


The first girls for the training program have been selected. Activities started in January 2017. We expect the first results and reports in spring 2017.