Status Scholarships


The children in Chyangsar thanked Lena Kremser for her commitment with a delightful letter. Our girl in the private school in Kathmandu is now very good in school and even second best in class. The Kids Club in Chyangsar got a TV and English videos before the lockdown because of Corona to be able to practice English without a teacher.

Year overview 2019:

The Kids Club was very active in Chyangsar village and all children support each other. They learn English and other subjects together. It is also important to create solidary structures already among the children. The girls were provided with clothes and also from the village Ghunsa 30 scholarship holders were accepted and provided with school uniforms, clothes and material.

Q2/Q3 2019:

In order to determine the individual needs of the children, discussions took place again on site. In order to get suitable clothes and shoes, they were measured for the first time. In addition to new books, the children in Chyangsar receive extra English lessons – Every Saturday!

From the village of Ghunsa we have accepted 30 more girls into the scholarship program. They received tailor-made school uniforms from the local tailor.


In December 2018, a children’s group, the “Kids Club”, was founded as a subgroup of the agricultural cooperative and is open to all children. Here they will be able to dance, learn and read together in the new training hall. At the same time, the children take on social tasks in the village. Part of the budget from the scholarships will be made available to the club. Carola Gosch visited the club during her project trip and was awarded the “Granny Medal”.

Year overview 2018:

The scholarship holders were provided with clothing and necessary items such as umbrellas, shoes and books for both summer and winter. A new scholarship holder was added to the program and the two girls in Kathmandu moved to a new home. This year it was especially important to talk to the parents to find out about their individual needs and problems. In addition, we were able to organize the important documents (birth certificates) for more and more scholarship holders. At the end of the year we are happy to announce that all our girls have a birth certificate!


More and more scholarship holders are now obtaining important documents such as birth certificates. They learn well in school and get more and more support from their families to concentrate more on their studies.


It is important for us to keep a close eye on the family situation of the scholarship holders. For this reason, discussions were held with the girls individually and together with their families during the project trip in spring 2018. In this way, the individual needs of each girl can be determined. For the summer all sneakers and flip-flops got because it is often too hot for rubber boots. In addition, we have taken on another scholarship holder: Aruna is looking forward to school. The two scholarship holders who live with their parents in Kathmandu are also doing well: they have moved into a new apartment and have changed schools because they had received too little care in the old one. They have very good grades and train Taekwondo diligently.


The scholarship holders were also well looked after in the cold winter months. They got jackets and bonnets as well as dolls from the workshops of EPSA Nepal, a center for handicapped women in Kathmandu. Susila Khadka, along with Lhamu Khadka, another young woman from Chyangsar, started her education at the Social Work Institute. We have also accepted Lhamu as a scholarship holder because we want to support her motivation to get a good education and work.

Year overview 2017:

The girls were cared for by Roots for Life throughout the year. Our local staff was responsible for supplying them with new school supplies and also mattresses for a good night’s sleep. He also reported regularly on the family situation of the girls. They were able to be kept in school by the scholarships and achieve good results despite many domestic duties. One of the scholarship holders, Susila Khadka, who is also chair of the agricultural cooperative, has successfully completed the school. She decided to train as a social worker at our partner Social Work Institute. Roots for Life will continue to support her on her path with a scholarship.


Our first scholarship holder graduated from school and we will continue to support her on her educational path. Mattresses have been distributed to all girls so that they get a sound sleep.


All girls go regularly to school and achieve good results despite many domestic duties.


The two Tamang girls who are supported by Roots for Life had excellent results in their exams. We are very proud of them! In April, five new girls have been awarded a scholarship by Roots for Life. Carola Gosch visited them  during her trip to Chyangsar in spring 2017. Our contact person on site bought new school items for the girls and handed them over personally.


Some of the supported girls went back into the villages with their mothers after the earthquake in 2015 and could not be held at school. However, in 2017, we plan to provide girls living in the mountain villages with individual scholarships, so that the girls can still attend school there.