Status Thade

Project completion:

This project has been completed. However, our scholarship holder in Kathmandu remains in the scholarship programme. There are news about it here.

The school in Thade could be built together with Chay Ya Nepal and Chay Ya Austria. In addition, separate showers and toilets were built, which were well received by the children. Initially, six girls were accepted into the scholarship program to help them through the difficult time. We are happy that five of them are now doing so well that we no longer have to support them. One girl had to change to a private school in Kathmandu due to a threat at home. She is doing very well there.

Year overview 2019:

Our Sipendiatin from Thade, who goes to school in Kathmandu, has developed magnificently and is doing well in school.

Q2/Q3 2019:

Our girl is doing great. The grades are getting better and better – just like her Taekwondo skills! Kusang Tamang personally makes sure that she lacks nothing and visits her regularly.


Our scholarship student from Thade, who is attending school in Kathmandu, had a hard time in the beginning because the level of the village school is lower than the boarding school. But she is well supported by the teachers and has now also started to train Taekwondo. She already has some friends and feels comfortable.

Year overview 2018:

At the beginning of the year first the showers and toilets were completed, then finally the school of Thade. For the inauguration the school management received a rice cooker and supplies for the children. The scholarship holders were looked after by staff member Kusang Tamang and were provided with clothes and all the necessary things. One scholarship holder had the opportunity to attend a private school in Kathmandu. In the meantime she has settled in well.

The school building is completed. Toilets, showers and the first floor are finished. A special highlight is the terrace on the roof and the earthquake-proof construction. There are also safe railings and escape routes in case of emergency.
The scholarship holders were equipped for the rainy season by employee Kusang Tamang again. In addition, he also takes intensive care of the scholarship holder who is currently attending private school in Kathmandu.


Toilets, showers and three classrooms have been completed, now the shell for the first floor is already in place. This and the interior decoration are the last big steps towards the goal. Due to the restructuring of the country there were some bureaucratic hurdles, but these could be removed.

One of our scholarship holders got the opportunity to do her “School-Leaving-Certificate” in Kathmandu at a private school. She is a very good student and will make good use of this opportunity. Furthermore Soroptimist International Wien Vivata helped a girl in a crisis situation.


The gender-separated toilets and showers were completed and ceremonially opened in the presence of Carola Gosch.

The six scholarship holders were equipped with warm jackets for the winter. Hoods, scarves and socks were given to all children of the Thade school. They were knitted by Lena Kremser and refugee women in Austria themselves. The scholarship holders have successfully completed their school year and are very proud of their achievements.

Year overview 2017:

In the first half of the year the first seven classrooms of the Shree Sarawati L.S. School, financed by Chay Ya Nepal, were inaugurated. Mainly with the financial support of Soroptimist International (Union Switzerland and France), Roots for Life was able to realize the construction of three missing classrooms and gender-separated toilets and showers.

Six girls have been accepted into the scholarship programme and are continuously supervised by Roots for Life. Through our local staff members Kusang Tamang and Carola Gosch, their needs are constantly evaluated and their family situation is also kept in mind.


The six scholarship holders are continuously supported by RfL. This includes providing them with shoes and clothing.

3 classrooms, safe toilets and solar showers were completed thanks to the help of Soroptimist International. The opening ceremony was celebrated in the presence of Carola Gosch.


Six girls from Thade have been awarded an RfL scholarship and can now go to school. Roots for Life will cover all costs.

Despite heavy storms and rain, the school construction has made great progress. The staircase, the outer walls of the first floor as well as the toilets and washrooms are increasingly taking shape.


Roots for Life is now able to complete the three missing rooms of the school in Thade, mainly thanks to the financial support of Soroptimist International (Union of Switzerland and France). The work has already started, first building materials have been delivered. Carola Gosch visited the village during her trip to Nepal in March/April and was able to discuss with those responsible how important sanitary facilities are, especially for girls. Furthermore the support of six girls within the scholarship programme was discussed.


The first 7 classrooms of Shree Sarawati L.S. School in Thade were inaugurated. Roots for Life will finance the remaining 3 classrooms as well as respectable toilets and washrooms (gender-separated).