Trainings …

… are now a familiar situation for the women in Ghunsa. The cooperation and commitment are getting more and more intensive, they can now already see the results in their private greenhouses and fields.

The training hall also helps to create the framework for this. When the sun shines, however, the training sessions are quickly moved outside; it is simply warmer there than in the unheated stone house.

Thanks to the two experts from Hasera and SWI, the women can be individually and well looked after.

Many thanks to Chay-ya Nepal, Chay-ya Austria for the good cooperation and to the province of Vorarlberg for the financial support.

die jungen Frauen mit Schule helfen den anderen sehr
the young women with school help the others very much

an der Sonne werden auch Plakate für einfaches Verstehen gestaltet
at the sun also posters are created for easy understanding
konzentriert lesen einige in den Unterlagen
some of them are reading the documents with concentration
die Frauen haben Spass am Lernen
the women enjoy learning